libscsv manual
Version 1.1

The goal of making this software was the need of rewriting CSV files with additional support of selective columns picking. It consists of one shared library and one executable utilizing it.

The source code is written in C++, there is no C interface ready yet.

Programming interface
C++ language
CSV robot

The library is shipped with additional, command line tool to manipulate CSV content. By default, the program reads standard input and writes it back to standard output. This behaviour can be altered with parameters. The program allows for selective columns picking, addition or removal of quote characters and joining files into bigger data sets.

Support and licensing

If this simple manual is still not enough and/or questions arise, please send a message to dev at This software is released as an open source, licensing details are here.

Released under the GNU Free Documentation License
by TinyIT
Last modified 2017-10-17