libtconv-0.1 manual

The tconv is a tool designed to perform character encoding conversion. It can be used to translate between character sets supported by an operating system, like UTF, ISO or others alike.

Though the source was initially written in C++, provided header file and function wrappers make it usable with native C compilers too. Makefiles are ready to be used in GCC and MSVC (CLI). With a bit of editing, it should not be hard to adopt them for other build environments. There are also demo files included, feel free to experiment with them...

Programming interface
C++ language
C language
Support and licensing

If this simple manual is still not enough or questions arise, please send a message to dev at Free of charge version of this library is released in binary form only, for both: Linux and Windows operating systems. Sources can be obtained at License tells the useage rights and limitations.

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